The Dr. Welch Workshop: A Makerspace at Penn College

Take hands-on learning to the next level. Explore your creativity. Collaborate with others. Bring your ideas to light. Tomorrow is in the making.
The Dr. Welch Workshop: A Makerspace at Penn College
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What is a makerspace?

A makerspace is a workshop where you can collaborate with students, faculty, and staff, or work independently to test theories, explore ideas, and gain real-world skills to power your career.

The makerspace encourages learning outside the classroom and provides state-of-the-art equipment, tools, and raw materials to support that innovation.


Computers, CAD software, and a projection display system offer endless opportunities to create whatever you can imagine. A 3D printer, sewing machines, and a vinyl cutter bring them to life.


Arduino and Raspberry Pi breadboarding materials let you tinker with electronic components and interact with, control, and monitor devices. Learn about embedded systems and make cool projects.


Woodworking equipment including a belt sander, miter saw, and table router, to name a few, prepare wood for use in furniture, shelves, or other projects. Engrave your creation with a CNC router.


Discover the world of metal and utilize a gunsmithing lathe, a drill press, or a vertical milling machine to complete your project idea. The makerspace also has a gas welder and cutting equipment.


The collaborative culture in the makerspace entices you to share ideas, learn a new skill, or teach one to someone else. Gain real-world experience in the process.

Why I Support Penn College

Our People

"The students of Penn College have amazing clarity at a very young age. They come to hone their skills in dozens of majors across a dizzying number of fields. We hope the makerspace will forever add tremendous value to their futures."

Marshall Welch

Entrepreneurship Educator, Independent Director and Investor

Our People

"I’ve always been a tinkerer, and I’m lucky to have the resources to be able to share that passion with others. As an alum it is so important to share your own life experiences with students. The Makerspace creates a synergy within the learning community allowing student to student interaction, exploration, and collaboration. Having a place to go to experiment, to prove a concept or even fail in an effort, can be a priceless experience for students before moving into a hands-on career field."

Fred Gilmour ’66, ’72

Owner at GilmourArts

Our People

"My parents were tinkerers, fabricators and artists. We were fortunate to grow up in a house where innovation was encouraged with wood and metal working tools, sewing machines and parents who taught us how to use them. When Penn College approached me about this project, I was on board right away because it is important that young adults have an opportunity to learn these life skills."

Herman Logue

Real Estate Developer and Senior Construction Executive

The Space

Gilmour Tinkertorium

Gilmour Tinkertorium

The Gilmour Tinkertorium contains equipment and resources such as computers with appropriate software, a projection display system, 3D printers, electronic components and instruments, microcontrollers, vinyl cutters, and small hand and power tools for light assembly projects.

Logue Fabritorium

Logue Fabritorium

The Logue Fabritorium covers operations that typically involve cutting wood, metal, and plastics, as well as welding and joining processes. Dirty space operations involve processes that may create dust, wood, or metal particles.


High Tech Fabrication

  • 2 MakerBot Replicator 3D printers
  • 3 Artillery Sidewinder X1 3D printers
  • Arduino and Raspberry Pi breadboarding
  • Bernina 530 sewing machine
  • Bernina L460 overlocker/serger
  • BOSS laser cutter/engraver with attachments
  • Brother embroidery machine
  • Brother heavy duty overlocker/serger
  • Camcorder and wireless microphone system
  • Glowforge Plus laser cutter/engraver/printer
  • Heavy duty sewing machine
  • MakerGear 3D printer
  • Roland CAMM-1 GS-24 vinyl cutter
  • Shapeoko XXL CNC router
  • Sense Generation 2 3D scanner
  • TecBoss 3D Pen
  • Theta V 360 camera

Tools and Equipment

  • 12" Laminator 
  • Air plasma cutter
  • Backlit drawing table and drawing supplies
  • Combination belt/disc sanders
  • Dewalt table router and scroll saw
  • Drill press
  • Electronics gear and soldering equipment
  • Etching press
  • Grinders
  • Heat press with hat and mug attachments for vinyl
  • Langmuir Crossfire Pro Plasma CNC
  • Metal gunsmithing lathe
  • MIG and TIG Welders
  • Power and hand tools
  • Proofing press
  • SawStop table saw, band saw, compound miter saw
  • Vertical mill
  • Woodworking power carving set
Our People

"Makerspaces are an innovative means of supplying students with the resources, training and facilities to invent, experiment, and produce unique products for either practical or aesthetic value. The space provides the means of implementing creative processes for both academic projects and personal inspiration."

Tom F. Gregory

Retired Assistant Dean of Construction & Architectural Technologies

Our People

"With the many students from various majors that will use this makerspace, it is hoped that they take the opportunity to collaborate with others. To create. To explore. To learn about the tools that they may otherwise never have been able to have access to. To try another way of doing something. To invent, and maybe even patent something new! And, as a result, Penn College, the community, and the world will all benefit … from this amazing collaborative effort."

Rob Wozniak

Associate Professor of Architectural Technology


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Need help with something? Just ask!

Need help with something? Just ask!

The staff can teach you how to work with the tools and assist you with projects. Master tool safety, then use them any time the workshop is open. Weekly trainings and demonstrations explore projects from casting to prototyping, cosplay to 3D printing.

Access and Hours

The Dr. Welch Workshop, located in Carl Building Technologies Center, Room 104, is free to Penn College students, faculty, and staff. Check the MyPCT portal for hours and the demonstration schedule.